Anniversaries for Winter

Here we present a poem and a selection of anniversaires for you to enjoy and contemplate over Winter.

Please spare a thought for our cousins in the Antipodes; their Governments’ response to the pandemic has been particularly strict.

p   Poem for Winter

pic nz  Pohutukawa (New Zealand Christmas Tree)
The Pohutukawa flowers in December and January, decorating the landscape and seashore. The blooms are called kahika crowns, being crimson tipped with gold.

Your blood-brushed hills
With tangled scarlet trees
That line the roadside miles,
Present kahika crowns
Towards the summer skies
From where You grace us
With your smiles,
And grants to us this favour:
The glory of Your Christmas tree,
The peerless Pohutukawa.

Bob Kimmerling

    A selection of Anniversaries for Winter

13th   1642   Abel Tasman sights New Zealand
13th   1784   Dr Samuel Johnson
16th   1773   Boston Tea Party
21st              Winter Solstice – Astronomical Winter begins
25th              Christmas day
26th              Stephen, first Martyr
29th   1170   Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr
31st   1384    John Wycliffe

6th                Epiphany
12th   1167   Aelred of Hexham, Abbott of Rievaulx
13th   1691   George Fox, founder of the Quakers
25th              The Conversion of Paul
26th   1788   Australia Day: landing of First Fleet
28th   1274   Thomas Aquinas
30th   1649   Charles, King & Martyr

2nd               Candlemas
6th     1840   Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand
14th  c.269   Valentine, Martyr
15th   1045   Sigfrid, Bishop, Apostle of Sweden
22nd  2011   Earthquake at Christchurch, New Zealand, destroying, inter alia, the Anglican Cathedral.
27th   1633   George Herbert, Poet & Priest