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Request a Prayer


Please put your prayer request in the Comment Box below.
It is totally anonymous, you do not have to put your name or email for your prayer to be sent to us.
The Post Comment button sends in your prayer. It will not be visible to anyone but the team at the church who will pass it on to the Vicar who will say it privately or at the next suitable service. If you would like your prayer to appear on our website, please say so in your comment. If you would like us to contact you via email, please say so and provide your email address.

Ways to Stay in Touch

There are lots of ways you can stay connected to St Michael’s.

We have a Facebook page and we are on Twitter. You can see news of our shop and tower on our Saxon Tower (Facebook) Page, and follow online services on our YouTube channel. Contact the Church Administrator for any suggestions or questions relating to our social media, or if you wish to know more about us.


Keep an eye on the front page of this website, which is being updated regularly.

If you would like to receive our bi-weekly emails, with information about what we are doing online, a thought from Revd. Anthony Buckley, a quote, suggested Bible readings from the Common Worship lectionary, a hymn and a prayer, please email Anthony: vicar@smng.org.uk. You are also welcome to contact Anthony if you would like to talk to someone or need help.

Our church building is now open daily, and phone messages to the office will be picked up remotely when no one is in, so feel free to call us if you need help or want a chat: the office number is 01865 240940. You can also contact the church administrator on church.administrator@smng.org.uk.

God be with you all.