Prayer Resources

We encourage you to pray, to talk to God, as a matter of routine. Set a time and place, each day if at all possible, to voice your hopes, your concerns, and your dreams to Him. He is non-judgemental and listens patiently. Reading a small Bible passage at this time is also helpful.

You can start with the Lord’s Prayer, a prayer known to us all, from school days for many of us, and one that encompasses our faith and need for guidance.

The Lord’s Prayer






Aim to be trusting, and trust entirely in Him, as this child praying does. Be at peace with yourself and the world, simply because of that trust.




The Jesus Prayer
This is an ancient  prayer. It can be repeated several times, varying the emphasis, according to your day’s needs.

TSP is an initialism (‘Thanks, Sorry, Please’), also known by its mnemonic ‘teaspoon’. The expression neatly captures much of what we feel when we pray.
Acceptance and gratitude are the key. Give thanks and praise to God.

Thy Kingdom Come

The TKC global wave of prayer for 2022 was from 26th May to 5th June. This happens each year between Ascension and Pentecost, so the actual dates will vary.

See their website here.



Join us
Prayer and study can be more powerful in a group setting. Do feel welcome to join us at a service or in a study group. These are detailed on our Services & Study Groups page, here

Church of England resources
Everyday faith, here
BCP collects & readings, here
BCP collects post communion, here

Other resources
Bible Gateway for, inter alia, selected readings, here
New Daylight magazine similarly offers daily readings. If you would like to subscribe to this through St Michael’s, please email

If you have any concerns, please email our vicar, Anthony: