Anniversaries for Autumn

Here we present a poem and a selection of anniversaries for you to enjoy and contemplate over Autumn.

Image result for Illuminated Letter P. Size: 91 x 100. Source:   Poem for Autumn:

Sea Fever  Image result for sailing ships
I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;
And the wheels kick and the wind’s song and the white sails shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

I must go down to the seas agian, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gulls way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.

John Masefield 1878 – 1967 Image result for john masefield
Poet Laureate 1930 – 1967
Sea Fever published 1902

a   A selection of Anniversaries for Autumn:

s  September
1st       710   Giles of Provence
4th      476    Fall of Rome
16th   1683   Battle of Vienna, Ottoman advance halted
22nd             Autumnal equinox: astronomical Autumn begins
28th   1954   Restoration and renovation of St Michael’s completed (plaque at the South Door)
29th              Michaelmas
30th   1994   Official opening of our Visitor Centre and Tower

o  October
8th     1953   Major fire at St Michael’s (plaque at the South Door)
12th   1492   Columbus lands in the Bahamas
14th   1066   Battle of Hastings
16th   1555   Martyrdom of Bishops Latimer and Ridley
25th   1415   Battle of Agincourt

n  November
1st                 All Saints
2nd                All Souls
2nd     1917  Balfour Declaration
11th    1918  Armistice Day
19th      680  Hilda, Abbess of Whitby
19th    1863  Gettysburg Addresss
22nd   1963  President Kennedy assassinated
25th              Thanksgiving USA
25th              St Catherine (we have a statue to her in the SE corner of the Church)
30th              Andrew, the Apostle