Linked organisations

St Michael’s maintains valued links with the following organisations:

f  Fairtrade at SMNG
We are delighted to have our very own Fairtrade shop at St Michael’s.
As of the 12th of April 2021, retail activity has resumed, while the online offering continues as before.
Access to the Fairtrade at St Michael’s website is available here.
Information about volunteering at Fairtrade:

Volunteers interest Form Sept 2020

  g  Gatehouse    g
We were active in our support by preparing sandwiches and delivering them once a month to the Gatehouse at St Giles. Since the pandemic, this has ceased although we do expect this will resume as times improve.
Access to the Gatehouse website is available here.

h  Holywell Cemetery
We are connected to Oxford Conservation Volunteers (OCV) and help with some of their clearing activities.
Access to the OCV website is available here.
There is archival information about Friends of Holywell here.
Access to the Wikipedia webpage about Holywell is here.

m  Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)     maf
MAF does splendid work in bringing medical aid, emergency relief and Christian aid to remote parts of Africa, the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific.
It has been our chosen charity since 2020.
Access to the MAF website is available here.

o Oxford Centre for Spiritual Growth (OCSG)   
OCSG has been based at St Michael’s and we remain connected even though the pandemic has affected activities.
Some online activity continues.
Access to the OCSG website is available here.

o Oxford Winter Night Shelter OWNS)   owns
We were part of the December to March rota for winter nights  (December – February) in 18/19 and 19/20. For 20/21 this changed because of the pandemic; however, we retain our links to OWNS and anticipate further involvement as more normal times return.
Access to the OWNS website is available here.

s  St Michael’s and All Saints’ Charities
There is a longstanding association with the Charities as an integral part of our operation, supporting the Church and the wider community..
Access to the Charities website is available here.

 s  St Michael’s Oxford Educational Trust.
This is one of St Michael’s and All Saints’ Charities which we would like to draw particular attention to.
The aim is to provide a small level of assistance for individual educational needs in Oxford.
Further details are available here.

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