2021 Tweets

This year, 2021, continues to be different as pandemic restrictions are still in place.

For Ascension Day, the 13th of May, we had our usual Ascension service in church at 9am. You can watch the service below:

We did a virtual Beating of the Bounds thereafter, but we visited fewer sites than normal and Anthony spoke and prayed at each site.

We went from St Michael’s to the following sites (one of our Wardens, Penelope Warner, kindly marking each stone with her willow wand, and Anthony signing SMNG and the year in chalk, as per usual custom):
The Covered Market;
Norah’s Antiques in Turl Street;
Brasenose College;
The Bodleian at Radcliffe Square;
The Martyrs’ Cross in Broad Street.

You can follow this on Twitter with #BeatingTheBounds or click on the thread here to view Anthony’s adventures.

You can also read the Oxford Mail Article here and below: