Anniversaries for Summer

Here we present a selection of Anniversaries of church and world events that you may like to reflect on over Summer, and perhaps to research an item of particular interest.

   Anniversaries for Summer:   

j   June

8th          1889   Gerard Manley Hopkins d.
15th        1215   Magna Carta
18th        1815   Battle of Waterloo
21st                     Solstice – astronomical Summer begins
22nd         250   Alban, first martyr of Britain
28th        1919   Treaty of Versailles
29th                   The Apostles Peter and Paul are both celebrated

j   July

1st          1867     Canada Day: confederation
4th         1776     US Independence
8th         1822     Percy Bysshe Shelley d.
11th       1690     Battle of the Boyne
14th       1077     Consecration of Bayeaux Cathedral: Tapestry on display
14th       1789     French Revolution began: Bastille Day
14th       1866     John Keble

a   August

11th        1890    John Henry Newman
15th        1947    Partition of India
23rd          430    Augustine of Hippo
30th        1688    John Bunyan
31st           651   Aidan of Lindisfarne