Anniversaries for Spring

Here we present a selection of Anniversaries of church and world events for you to contemplate and enjoy over Spring. Perhaps you may wish to delve a little deeper into an item of particualr interest.

We ask if you might have a little room in your prayers for Ukraine, a land blessed by nature, but troubled by its mighty neighbour. Our PM’s visits on 1st February & 9th April 2022 were heartening for the people there.   

We also have a happy coincidence of Spring Anniversaries in relation to this:

In March we have the birth and death of Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian poet and artist, who is their bard.

In April we have the birth and death of Shakespeare, our bard


     Anniversaries for Spring

2nd                   Ash Wednesday
9th         1814   Taras Shevchenko b., Ukrainian poet & artist
10th       1861   Shevchenko d.
15th       44 BC  Julius Caesar assassinated
17th                  St Patrick
20th                  Vernal Equinox – Astronomical Spring begins
20th                 Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne
21st     1556    Martyrdom of Archbishop Cranmer
24th     1980    Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, Martyr
31st      1631    John Donne, priest and poet

10th     1347    William of Ockham, friar and philosopher
11th     1878    George Selwyn: first Bishop of New Zealand
14th     1865    President Lincoln assassinated
17th                 Easter Sunday
23rd                 St George
23rd     1616    Shakespeare d.
25th     1915    Anzac Day: landing at Gallipoli
25th                 Mark, the Evangelist
26th     1564    Shakespeare b.
26th     1859    Wedding of William Morris & Jane Burden at St Michael’s

1st                    Philip & James, Apostles
4th        1493    Papal Bull dividing the New World between Spain & Portugal
21st        330    Helena, Empress & mother of Constantine the Great
24th      1791    John Wesley
24th      1788    Charles Wesley
25th        735   The Venerable Bede
26th      1564   John Calvin
26th      1595   Philip Neri, founder of the Oratorians
29th      1453   Fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans