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Public Worship

News for Sunday: The Church Council decided last week that the St. Michael’s would begin to re-open its doors for Public Worship from Sunday, 5th July, with our customary service of Holy Communion at 8:00am.

Government and Church of England guidance has been followed in the preparation thereof and the risk assessment (which now also incorporates our risk assessment for opening for private prayer) and guidance for worshippers are available here.

If you think you may be attending, please could you email Rev Anthony Buckley on will understand that, for social distancing reasons, an idea of numbers would be useful this time round.

Parish Risk Assessment SMNG v.4.1
Guidance for worshippers


Private Prayer

We are delighted to be able once again to open our doors to individuals and households, for private prayer. We have served our city, nation and world for a thousand years, and our doors were open through many previous calamities. We hope you will find peace, comfort and tranquillity in praying once again in our building. If you wish to be in touch with me, please email or contact the office and ask them to arrange a call or meeting, on 01865240940.

Please see below for guidance to individuals and households who wish to visit us for private prayer. The risk assessment abolve now also includes our opening for Private Prayer.

We have been (and continue to be) open from Monday 15th June, daily between noon and 2pm. We will post any further updates on this page.

With very best wishes,

Revd. Anthony Buckley

Guidance for visiting


During the lockdown, as always, St Michael’s Church is keen to help our community flourish, and reach out to those in need.

In our website, you will find a number of resources, events, and people to contact if you are in need or want to know more about our church, our faith and our services.

If you would like a daily email, please contact Revd. Anthony Buckley on

SMNG On YouTube

St. Michael at the North Gate is running a Daily Digital Devotion on You Tube during the lockdown, every day at 5:30pm. You can find our channel here.

Please do also have a look if you want to catch up with our recent videos.

Our Music on Monday concerts are online.

The links for this week’s daily digital devotions, which are all at 5.30pm on our YouTube channel, are below:

                                             Saturday         Evening Prayer: Being like Benedict

Sunday            The Fifth Sunday After Trinity
8 am                       Said Holy Communion
(details above)
10.30 am               Matins for the Fifth Sunday After Trinity

Monday          7 Thoughts About: Isaac Newton
Wednesday    Compline: the calling of Isaiah
Thursday        Bible Thought: Also the cucumbers
Friday              Celtic Reflection: Words of hope
Saturday         Evening Prayer:
Sunday            The Sixth Sunday After Trinity
8 am                       Said Holy Communion
(details above)
10.30 am               Matins for the Sixth Sunday After Trinity

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SMNG Online Community

We have a Facebook page and we are on Twitter. Contact the Church Administrator for any suggestions or questions relating to our social media, or if you wish to know more about us.


The Diocese of Oxford is providing a range of streamed services: details of these can be found on our SMNG Online tab, along with other resources.

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Thank you for your encouragement and interest in visiting our website. If you would like to be part of the wider community that kindly financially supports the work of St Michael and the North Gate, then please email, or you can donate via paypal or card using the button below: 

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