Photograph by Cosima Gillhammer of a page in our Prayer Book (stored in the Treasury)

Sunday (The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity)
08:00am Said Holy Communion (BCP)
10:30am Sung Matins (BCP)

1:00-1:30pm Holy Communion (CW)
5:30-5:45pm Compline

1:00-1:30pm Holy Communion (BCP)

08:00am Said Holy Communion (BCP)
10:30am Sung Holy Communion (BCP)

From the Vicar

It is wonderful what forgiveness can do; it brings healing and hope, restoration and new beginnings. But it often feels so difficult and sometimes seems to need strength beyond our own. It was said of Jesus that he had the ‘power’ to forgive, and in our gospel reading today this power is exercised. In forgiving the man, whom he had not met before, Jesus is appropriating to himself the work of God. No wonder that some of the bystanders said “This man is blaspheming”. Perhaps this week we can hold especially in our prayers those who need to forgive, and those who need to be forgiven

Readings for the week

Suggested by our Vicar.

Monday        (Simon and Jude, Apostles)
Psalm 133

Tuesday        (The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Hebrews 12: 1, 2John 15:12-16

Wednesday              (Denys, Bishop of Paris, Martyr, c. 250)
Romans 16: 1-6              John 6:44-51

Thursday        (Translation of Martin, Bishop of Tours, c. 397)
Isaiah 2: 1-3
             Luke 9:1-6

Friday           (All Saints’ Day)
Revelation 7: 9-17
               Luke 5:17-26

Saturday        (Evurtius, Bishop of Orleans, 4th C.)RE
John 11: 17-44
ohn 15:12-16
        Matthew 20:29-end

We have begun our new series of discussion Bible study groups (suggested from our feedback forms back in April), and the parables of Jesus seem a good place to start. The current format is that the same parable are discussed three times, on Sunday (12-12:30pm) and Wednesday (1:30-2:00pm and 6:00-6:30pm), hopefully to provide opportunities for as many as possible to come along – but do please say if other times would be helpful.

Prayer Requests

Some of you may remember meeting Rachel at the tea which Penelope Warner kindly hosted. Rachel is currently teaching English and managing a Language Centre in South-East Asia, where she has lived for six years. She would appreciate prayers for good relationships with staff and students, chances to share God’s love, and for wisdom in daily living. For more information, keep an eye on the noticeboard in the parish room, where new updates are posted, and/or email Myriam Frenkel, our administrator ( who is a friend of Rachel’s.

For our prayers and for our consideration, for ourselves and for one another in times of thankfulness and need.
We approach the great days of All Saints (1st November) and All Souls (2nd November), when we remember and give thanks for those, living and departed, who have encouraged us in our journeys of faith and learning.

In our 10:30am service on Sunday the 3rd November (next Sunday) we will read out names of those for whom we especially grieve at this time. If you would like a name included, please email Rev Anthony Buckley on, or write clearly on a card, and deliver to St. Michael’s, addressed to Anthony.



Change of Service Pattern
At the last PCC meeting the Council considered different ideas about making the 10:30am service a little more consistent in feel; the suggestion that was adopted is a trial for three months, from September to November, during which the first Sunday will switch from Common Worship liturgy to Prayer Book liturgy, thus meaning our main Sunday service has a similar flavour each week. Common Worship will still be used on Wednesdays, and we may yet be exploring other opportunities for different styles. If you have any thoughts or queries, do chat to Anthony.

New Daylight
Penelope Warner orders New Daylight magazines for a few people in the congregation, and would be happy to order more for those who would like to receive them. New Daylight provides daily Bible readings with commentary and reflections from a wide range of contributors. It is a nice way to build daily Bible readings into busy lives. We would normally ask for £4.50 per issue, but if this is a problem, please speak to Penelope or contact the church administrator.

The new Pathways magazines are available for those who would like them at the back of church, where you can also find prayer leaflets, Bible verses, Zacharias trust magazines, details of our Autumn Bible Studies, and other interesting materials you are welcome to take away!


Coffee Rota
Would you like to join the coffee rota on a Sunday morning? There is a sign-up sheet by the hatch in the Parish room.

Oxford Winter Nights Shelter (OWNS)
OWNS are looking for new volunteers in the run up to the winter. Anyone interested can sign up through the website

Christmas Lights Festival 2019

St Michael’s will be taking part in the annual Christmas Lights Festival, by keeping our tower open and allowing people to climb for free on the evening of Friday 15th November from 6pm to 8pm. We will need volunteers to help keep people moving and for safety at the top of the tower, and to help Simon in the shop manage the people going up from the shop entrance. If you could help out for half an hour, please sign up on the sheet at the back of church. More details about the event can be found here: .


Music on Mondays 1.00 – 1.50pm
28th October Syrinx Wind Ensemble
4th November Illuminate Ensemble
11th November Stephanie & Marianne Kapsetaki piano solo & 4 hands
18th November Pavlova Winds
25th November Radcliffe Piano Trio
Entrance is free, retiring collection for charity chosen by performer. Fairtrade tea & coffee are served.


The Gatehouse
The Gatehouse is a café for the homeless. Open: Monday-Friday 5-7pm and Sunday 4-6pm, the Gatehouse operates from 10 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT.

St Michael’s provides sandwiches and cakes to The Gatehouse every second Wednesday of the month. Anyone who would like to help, please contact the church administrator ( The next dates when St Michael’s is providing sandwiches are: 11th September; 9th October; 13th November; 11th December. Thank you.EVENTS

Trinity 19 BCP sung communion