Photograph by Cosima Gillhammer of a page in our Prayer Book (stored in the Treasury)

Sunday (The First Sunday After Epiphany)
08:00am Said Holy Communion (BCP)
10:30am Sung Holy Communion (BCP)
3:00pm Service at the Cathedral marking the start of the week of Christian Unity (see below)

1:00-1:30pm Holy Communion (CW)
5:30-5:45pm Compline

1:00-1:30pm Holy Communion (BCP)

08:00am Said Holy Communion (BCP)
10:30am Sung Holy Communion (BCP)
4:00-4:30pm Service of Prayer and Reflection at SMNG in preparation for Holocaust Memorial Day


We are now in the Festive Season of Epiphany, during which time we remember and give thanks for Christ’s ministry to the Gentiles: through the visit of the Magi, we are shown that the love of Christ is for all, not only for the chosen, and that all are welcome and blessed at His birth. We are delighted you can join us in worshipping today.

We are now in the Festive Season of Epiphany, during which time we remember and give thanks for Christ’s ministry to the Gentiles: through the visit of the Magi, we are shown that the love of Christ is for all, not only for the chosen, and that all are welcome and blessed at His birth. We are delighted you can join us in worshipping today.

From the Vicar

The gospel writers, as all biographers do, choose what is to be included in their narratives (not that the gospels are biographies in the usual modern sense). Luke chooses to include the passage we read this Sunday morning perhaps to remind his readers that this was a normal family, with normal worries and minor crises, that Jesus’ relationship with the Temple might yet become very significant, and that Jesus has a particular relationship with his heavenly father. There is an interesting inclusion, that Jesus was “listening and asking questions”. If we were there, adults sitting in the Temple Courts, what might the child Jesus be asking us – and in listening to us, what would he be learning about us?

Readings for the week

Suggested by our Vicar.

Monday    Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, Teacher, 367      (Simon and Jude,
mans 12.1,2

Tuesday      Silvester, Bishop of Rome, 335Virgin Mary)
Romans 12.3-8ohn 15:12-16

Wednesday   The Circumcision of Christ          (Denys, Bishop of Paris,
Romans 12.9-16         John 6:44-51

Thursday       Stephen, Deacon, First MartyrMartin, Bishop of Tours, c. 397)
Romans 12.17-21
             Luke 9:1-6

Friday      John, Apostle and Evangelist     (Lucy, Martyr at Syracuse, 304)
1 Corinthians 12.12-22
              Luke 5:17-26

Saturday      Prisca, Martyr at Rome,  c. 265
(Common Worship marks this as the start of the week of prayer for Christian Unity)
John 12.12-15ohn 15:12-16         Matthew 20:29-end

Prayer Requests

A January Prayer
For many, this is a difficult time of the year: please keep those recently bereaved in your thoughts and prayers this January

Please pray for The Oxford Winter Night Shelter, who begin their ministry this week. The first welcome to our homeless guests will be on Wednesday, here at

Some of you may remember meeting Rachel at the tea which Penelope Warner kindly hosted. Rachel is currently teaching English and managing a Language Centre in South-East Asia, where she has lived for six years. She would appreciate prayers for good relationships with staff and students, chances to share God’s love, and for wisdom in daily living. For more information, keep an eye on the noticeboard in the parish room, where new updates are posted, and/or email Myriam Frenkel, our administrator ( who is a friend of Rachel’s.




New Daylight
Penelope Warner orders New Daylight magazines for a few people in the congregation, and would be happy to order more for those who would like to receive them. New Daylight provides daily Bible readings with commentary and reflections from a wide range of contributors. It is a nice way to build daily Bible readings into busy lives. We would normally ask for £4.50 per issue, but if this is a problem, please speak to Penelope or contact the church administrator.

The new Pathways magazines are available for those who would like them at the back of church, where you can also find prayer leaflets, Bible verses, Zacharias trust magazines, and other interesting materials you are welcome to take away!

Looking Further Afield: Mission Aviation Fellowship
Our “Outward Looking” sub-group (looking at community and international engagement), at the moment consisting of Claire Lowe, Penelope Warner and Anthony Buckley, has been pondering whether it would be good to support an international charity as well as our important local (Christmas and ongoing) support for the Gatehouse. The suggested charity is Mission Aviation Fellowship, which flies small planes to bring aid where the big ones can’t go. Every four minutes a MAF plane takes off somewhere in the world.

This is their website if you would like to know more  and leaflets are at the back of church. Do have a look if you are interested and we will find a time to have a collection in some form for whose who would like to give through the church.

It seems especially good to highlight this excellent charity in this Epiphany season, the Christ child revealed for the whole world.


Churches Together Service in the Cathedral
On Sunday 19th January at 3pm in the Cathedral there is a special service, arranged together with Churches Together in Central Oxford,  to mark the beginning of the Week of Christian Unity. We are all warmly invited to attend, and some of the oars in the procession (no more secrets will be given away!) will have been decorated by our Children’s Church…



Coffee Rota
Would you like to join the coffee rota on a Sunday morning? There is a sign-up sheet by the hatch in the Parish room.

Oxford Winter Nights Shelter (OWNS)
OWNS are looking for new volunteers in the run up to the winter. Anyone interested can sign up through the website


Music on Mondays 1.00 – 1.50pm
Christmas Break until January 13th.
13th January Stuart Ironside, Classic Guitar
20th January The Radcliffe Ensemble
27th January Michael Temporal-Darell, baritone
Entrance free, retiring collection for a charity chosen by performer. Fairtrade tea & coffee served.


The Gatehouse
The Gatehouse is a café for the homeless. Open: Monday-Friday 5-7pm and Sunday 4-6pm, the Gatehouse operates from 10 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT. You can donate to the gatehouse here: .

St Michael’s provides sandwiches and cakes to The Gatehouse every second Wednesday of the month. Anyone who would like to help, please contact the church administrator ( The next dates when St Michael’s is providing sandwiches are: 11th December. Thank you.

Christmas Present Appeal
Each year the gatehouse gives guests a small Christmas present. Gloves, Hats, Scarves, Pants, Socks and Chocolate bars are being collected in the box at the back of church. There will be a Christmas present wrapping event at the Gatehouse on Wednesday 18th December from 12pm – 3pm.

There are flyers in our stand which give details of homeless services and resources in Oxford.

Rough Sleeper Information
Are you concerned about a person who is sleeping rough?
There are a number of things you can do.
Report a rough sleeper  National 24-hour;  0300 500 0914.
The information will be passed to the outreach team closest to the rough sleeper. You will need to supply the exact location where the rough sleeper can be found
Oxford City Co. outreach team, Monday-Friday Office hours  Oxspot  01865 243 229.  Advice out of hours  O’Hanlon House  Ox 304 601 who will be able to give.
Do you believe a rough sleeper’s health or safety are in immediate danger?
Emergency services  999  Give an exact location.
Food, free of charge  The Gatehouse, 10 Woodstock Road OX2 6HT;  01865 792 999.  Monday-Friday  5.00-7.00 pm,  Sunday  4.00-6.00pm.  Showers  Saturday  12.00 noon-2.00pm
Low cost lunches, etc. The Porch, 139 Magdalen Road, OX4 1RL  01865 251 798,  Monday to SaturdayENTS

Epiphany 2 BCP Holy Communion